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Red Ass Models

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Sam and Linda of Red Ass Models: Luscious Sam and Linda get stripped and engage in filthy spanking

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Robert never got over how easy it was, how clean, and sudden and final. A phone call, some private words and a picture faxed, and now blondheaded, willowy, plump bottomed Becky Larson, a new residient of ChelunaMansion. Becky had been there a week, a long week, long enough to know betterthen to hesitate at a Master's command, and long enough to know betterthen to refuse a request. I set the long whippy birchrod down and gently caressed Becky's pretty,open- expressioned face, poking my finger in her small mouth, enjoyingthe sensation of her soft lips and gentle tongue wetting my fingers as I slowly pistoned them in and out.
Red ass models
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