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Red Ass Models

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Renee of Red Ass Models: Alluring brunette Renee shows off her ass and engages in spanking

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Becky was frantic, she let out a long low gasp of agony, then a seriesof fast paced loud objections, her pretty blond head turning from sideto side rapidly, her mane sweeping across the polished oak table top, her knees trying to draw up and rubbingagainst each other under the leather binding strap. I tapped the rod on the top of her now quivering bottom, enjoyingthe sight of the angry red lines now starting to grow against the whitebackground of her plump bottom cheeks. Becky was tensing and releasing her little bottom halves, squirmingacross the top of the pillow booster in lewd and seductive fat assed quivereings.
Red ass models
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